Save Redwood Park

Doc RefTitleDate
TC-2022-6-16No Redwood Mtn Bike Trails -TRCView File
TC-2022-06-06Letter from Tegan about the need to keep Redwood pristine
HW-22-02-14Letter to councillors about TRC attidtue to the environmentView File
TRC-2022-01-13Response from Michael Condren about potential illegal trailsView File
ABC-2022-01-04Dozens of Brisbane parks to host off-road cycling facilities as mountain biking View File
HK-2021-12-15Letter to TRC about illegal MTN bike trails based on Victorian experienceView File
TC-2021-12-11Launch of Charles Doves BookView File
HS-2021-12-09Dandenong Ranges_ Spike in illegal mountain bike trail building _ Herald SunView File
PV-021-12-08Parks Victoria wary of unauthorised bike trailsView File
HH-2021-12-07New bird sighting bolsters argument against bike tracksView File
TC-2021-11-30Fairy Gerygone found at Redwood ParkView File
TRC-2021-11-24total objection to the construction of mountain bike trails within RedwoodView File
TC-2021-10-18Paul King at Rally - rethink trails through RedwoodView File
TC-2021-11-17Call to rethink bike planView File
TCLET-2021-10-25Letter from Al Young about his experiences in Redwood ParkView File
TCLET2021-10-15Amelia Carlson about the proposed expansion of high impact MTB in Redwood ParkView File
TCLET-2021-10-13Sheila Forknall - a lovely place to walkView File
TCLET-2021-10-11Scot McPhie questions the legality of MTB trails in Redwood ParkView File
SMS-2021-10-111 from Jo and 1 from Bee JayView File
TC-2021-10-08Tom Gillespie - writes about the impact of animal studies in RedwoodView File
TC-2021-10-08Garth Hamilton promises $3.3m for MTB on the escarpmentView File
TC-2021-10-07 Tom Gillespie from the TC writes about MTB on the escarpmentView File
TCLET-2021-10-04Paul Herbert gives some misleading information about MTBView File
TCLET-2021-09-30Penny McGowan and Save the QuailView File
TCLET-2021-09-22Amelia Carlson - appreciation of what Redwood has to offer View File
TCLET-2021-09-15Bronte Geitz - withcott planting for koalas and RedwoodView File
TCLET-2021-09-13Pat McConnell on Threatened Species and RedwoodView File
TCLET-2021-08-24Sharon Geitz - Using our natural environment when dealing with the pandemicView File
TCLET-2021-08-21Bronte Geitz - disgust at the proposed MTB trails through RedwoodView File
TC-2021-08-17Letter from Heather SmithView File
TC-2021-07-29TC article - Grand Plan to make Toowoomba an Adventure Tourism HubView File
TRC-2021-07-22Response from Paul AntonioView File
TC-2021-07-07Letter from Mary Rose MillerView File
TRC-2021-07-02Ltter from Micheal Condren about DR Chris Hosking invitationView File
LET-2021-07-01Water quality at DerbyView File
TCLET-2021-06-26Paul King on behalf of the Save Redwood GroupView File
TCLET-2021-06-24Kay Krenske and the Mayors I will take what I can getView File
TCLET-2021-06-22Hugh Krenske - There is an alternativeView File
TRC-2021-06-22Letter from TRC to Pat McConnellView File
TC-2021-06-16Mackenzie Frenzy - Consider the impact of the spectators if done in redwood.View File
doc-13-05-2021Environmental Impacts of Mountain BikingView File
EM29-04-2021Anonymous comments about the MTB Master PlanView File
TC-2021-04-01Groups to fight TRC mountain biking plan through Redwood ParkView File
SM-legal instuctionsLegal Instructions from government documentsView File
HK-2019-12-23Hugh Krenske - not printed - but contains relevant informationView File
research-mb-12010Mountain Biking: A Review of the Ecological EffectsView File
Research-mb-2006environmental impacts document from department of environment NSWView File